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Cordillera power blowing in the wind
SAGADA?A wind power plant in Mountain Province will add 15 megawatts of electricity in Cordillera highlands over the next three to five years, making the region a major source of green energy. PhilCarbon Inc. chairman Rufino Bomasang says his company …
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Purchasing power of peso in Cordillera stands at 77 centavos, NSO stat shows
13 (PIA) – - The purchasing power of peso in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) dropped to P.77 compared to P.81 last September of 2011 and from its one peso value during the base year of 2006, the National Statistics Office (NSO-CAR) September …
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Latest East Turkestan News

East Turkestan: Ongoing Desertification
East Turkestan: Ongoing Desertification. China is failing to cope with the steady desertification of Lake Aibi, an ecological disaster that is already disrupting local people's lives. Below is an article published by United Press International: China …
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President Paul Biya: Cameroon's 'lion man'

President Paul Biya: Cameroon's 'lion man'
Born in a village deep in the equatorial forest of southern Cameroon, the Catholic missionaries who educated him in a nearby seminary hoped he would become a priest. But Mr Biya chose instead to study law and political science at the University of …
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Bakassi Natives Plan Secession With Southern Cameroon
A new twist has emerged in the Bakassi struggle as Efik Kingdom is said to be making plans to join forces with Southern Cameroon to form an independent nation. The move is coming even as the federal government foreclosed the review of the International …

Cameroon: Journalists Face Unlawful Assembly Charges in Cameroon
The activists had gathered to commemorate the date in 1961 on which the local province–formerly under British colonial mandate as Southern Cameroons–became part of the French-speaking Republic of Cameroon, according to the journalists and news …

Afrikaner: 'Kill The Boer' Song Continues To Fuel Racial Tension In South Africa

Leeu van die Wes Transvaal
Afrikaner Freedom

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Afrikaner: 'Kill The Boer' Song Continues To Fuel Racial Tension In South Africa
The Freedom Front Plus says the ANC cannot be trusted to uphold an agreement to drop an appeal against the "Shoot the Boer" song and encourage its members not to sing it. The party's comment follows the signing of an agreement to this effect between …
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South Africa's ANC, whites agree to silence "Shoot the Boer"
The agreement between the ANC and white-minority interest group Afriforum ends a two-year legal battle over the song that had ignited a debate about freedom of speech, censorship of history and efforts to mend the racist rifts in South African society …
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Genocide and Communism Threaten South Africa
Along a highway on a grassy hill, thousands of white crosses ? each one representing an individual victim of brutal farm murders, or plaasmoorde in Afrikaans ? are a stark reminder of the reality facing European-descent farmers in the new South …
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Latest Aborigines News

I’m an Aborigine*

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*"I’m an Aborigine" is the song he performed here.
Little guy, big artist, great performer!

Geale says Mundine's comments go too far
"I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out," Mundine said at a press conference on Thursday promoting the upcoming bout between he and Geale. Geale said he didn't take much notice of Mundine at the time of the press conference but …
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Spirit of the ancestors
The artwork in front of us, which depicts a rotund Buddha-like figure accompanied by two dingoes, is the only known image of the creation being Bunjil. It is believed by local Aborigines to have been crafted, several thousand years ago, by the …
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Stop Supporting Separatist Groups in Iran

Stop Supporting Separatist Groups in Iran
In addition to the aforementioned London-based al-Ahwazi group, the so-called Ahwaz Liberation Organization is based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and has explicitly called for separating Khuzestan from Iran. Though it claims to represent the people …

Iran executes three Baluch political prisoners
Diaspora communities say that innocent political activist from Kurdish, Baluch and Al-Ahwazi community are executed in different prisons by Iran on regular basis but due to country's strict grip on news agencies and media such news hardly reach to the …
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Latest Hmong News

Hey Radiolab, Don't Let People's Experiences Get in the Way of Your Reporting
Radiolab had "experts" on the show — two scientists and an ex CIA guy — who said that what the Laotian Hmong believed was a yellow chemical being dropped by planes from the sky, was actually bee poop. That's right, bee dung. Wikipedia explains more: …
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Hmong Conference Focuses on Bridging A Generation Gap
The Hmong community makes up one of the state's largest Asian groups with more than 40,000 people. The Hmong started settling in Wisconsin more than three decades ago since having a role as U.S. allies in the Vietnam war. The Wisconsin Hmong …
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East Turkestan: Authorities Multiply Raids On Uyghur Homes

East Turkestan: Authorities Multiply Raids On Uyghur Homes
East Turkestan: Authorities Multiply Raids On Uyghur Homes. Chinese police raided Uyghur homes and set up roadblocks following clashes. Uyghur residents frequently report midnight, house-to-house raids on their homes during "strike hard" anti-terrorism …
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East Turkestan: China Launches Uyghur Language News Website
East Turkestan: China Launches Uyghur Language News Website. The Chinese State-controlled media has just launched a news website in the Uyghur language, which the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) denounced as a propaganda machine aimed at …
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East Turkestan: Family Left Homeless After Bulldozing House
East Turkestan: Family Left Homeless After Bulldozing House. A project entailing the relocation of 51 households has left a Uyghur family of 14 homeless. The bulldozing of houses seems to have overwhelmingly affected Uyghur families only. Below is an …
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Latest Somaliland News

Somaliland: a short back and sides
In fact he is just one of over 90,000 internally displaced people (IDP) in Somaliland who are invariably some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the country. With no welfare system to support them, many families, just like Khadar's, are …
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Somaliland: Halgatosiye Assumes His Rightful Place in the Cabinet
Dr. Saleban Essa Ahmed (Halgatosiye) expressed thanks to the president for appointing him as well as the people of Somaliland for the support afforded him ever since signing of the Buhodle peace accords almost two months ago. Dr. Hagaltosie agreed to …
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Somaliland: Banking Law Brings Even More Stability
Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo signed the Islamic Banking Bill on October 4th after it was approved by regional parliament in September. The law had been in the works since 2007. Three privately owned banks have been operating on a …
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Somaliland: The place that combines hightech, on the edge financing solutions
Somaliland is a place full of contradictions. In a good way. It is a place made up of clans. It is not a recognised country (the other two bits are Somalia and Puntland), but it has its own administration, its own immigration, police force, army and …
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Finale episode of Wik case comes too late for many

Finale episode of Wik case comes too late for many
Applause broke out when Federal Court judge Andrew Greenwood granted native title to a 4500sq km tract of land and waterways in the fifth and final instalment of the Wik case – the first to be pursued by Aborigines after the High Court recognised …
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Bill Gammage wins Vic Premier's award
Bill Gammage hopes winning the Victorian Premier's Literary Award will mean more Australians learn about Aboriginal land management techniques before white settlement. His book, The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, has just …
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The milk of China's financial kindness
When eventually forced to respond, Curr told his directors back in Britain that probably only six Aborigines died; his men were likely right to kill them, and anyway, a prosecution would have meant his workforce would have fled. Over the next century …
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Mundine mocks Geale's heritage
When asked today about the fact that Geale, a Tasmanian of indigenous heritage and the current IBF and WBA middleweight champion, wore an Aboriginal flag on his trunks, Mundine said: "I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out. He's got …
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